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At Brow Envy Microblading & PMU, we offer varieties of Permanent and Semi-Permanent Make-Up services such as Brows, Eyeliners, Lips and PMU Corrections. In the world of beauty and permanent make-up, the most natural beauty enhancement is essential. We want to offer the most natural looks using modern techniques from Europe and Asia to enhance your existing beauty.

We truly believe each individual is unique in their own way. Therefore every procedure will be tailored and customized to the client's facial contour. Our artist will take the time to consult before each procedure, and make the best recommendation based on client's skin type and facial features to achieve the best results. 

At Brow Envy we offer different brows procedures. For a more subtle and natural looks,  we offer 3D Microblading also known as hairstrokes.  If you prefer the more filled-in looks, we offer Ombre Shading, also known as Powder Brows. Want that perfect brow looks? We offer the best of both worlds, the combo techniques "Microblading with Shadings".

Besides brows, eyeliner and lips are the next new thing. We offer top and bottom eyeliners whether you like it natural, baby line or winged, we have it all. What's best about our eyeliner procedures is it also includes lash line enhancement, which is an eye opener. Ombre lips also known as Lip-Blush, which gives your lip an extra pout. Just enough to have color without the smudge or smears.

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