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Our Studio

Located at 91 Stafford Street (also known as Crown Castle Plaza, next to Webster Square Plaza) in Worcester, Massachusetts. Brow Envy Microblading & Permanent Make Up studio specializes in Microblading, Ombre Shadings, and other Permanent Makeup services such as Eyeliner and Lips. All innovative permanent cosmetic makeup techniques that has been proven to be the next big thing...


We are a fully insured and licensed PMU studio. At Brow Envy, you can be at ease knowing that all tools are sterile and disposables. We used anesthetic before and during each session to provide our clients the most comfortable experience throughout the whole procedure. Our dedication is to provide our clients with the utmost  pleasant experience to enhance their natural beauty in a private sterile, warm and friendly atmosphere.

Brow Envy Studio

Our Commitments

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Here at Brow Envy, every clients is treated with the utmost dedication and results. Our Permanent Cosmetic Make Up artist will draw and shape your brows to compliment your facial features. Working with passion, dedication and perfections, we have given hundreds of our clients their confident and self esteem back. Seeing clients becomes more  beautiful  and leaving with happy healed results  is our ultimate goal.

Brows treatment are perfectly suitable if you want to change or correct your current eyebrows shape, especially if you suffered from hair loss due to accident, trauma, alopecia or other medical condition.


Microbladed or Ombre Shadings brows will last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on your skin type and life style. Over time the ink will slowly fades, and we recommend that you come back for a touch up / refresher session. *The touch up/ refresher session price is for existing client only. 

Our Artists

Lindsey Ngo Tran

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Our Master PMU Artist Lindsey Ngo Tran, has always had a passion for art and beauty since she was a child. She had always excel her artistry and was well known in school for her artistic skills.

Lindsey is an Alumni of Anna Maria College, Paxton MA, graduated with a bachelor degree in Business Finance & Management. (2003). After college she begin her career in the world of finance as mortgage broker, retirement investment representative and finally a loan officer. All this has yet to fulfill her dreams in artistry and she yearn for more. After helping her sister managed her beauty salon, she realized she can put her passion for art to work in the beauty industry. She went to school to became a nail technician and was license in 2005; specializing in nail enhancements, sculptured, and designs.

To further her education and training in the beauty industries she graduated Aesthetic 2011 at Spa Tech Institute, Westboro MA. She obtained her Master Esthetician Type 6 License in 2013. In 2016 when Microblading was introduced in the beauty industry, she was the second person to be licensed to perform Microblading in Worcester, MA. She learned her Microblading techniques at PHIBROW USA PhiAcademy Beauty School in California and was awarded the title “PHIBROW Artist" (2016). She also graduated from Jenny Beauty Academy with concentration in Microblading,  PMU and Lashes (2017). She later advanced her PMU training at Phuong Loan Beauty Studio-Next Gen Academy and Microblading and Evons Academy in CA. She is also a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

As license Master Esthetician, Nails Technician and PMU Artist, Lindsey has found this to be her new passion. In 2016 she has founded Brow Envy Microblading & PMU to demonstrate her meticulous and beautiful works. Using the clients natural face contour, Lindsey is committed to creating and enhancing the utmost natural look possible. As a perfectionist, she won't stop until she is completely satisfied with her work so our clients can be confident leaving our studio with enhanced new looks and the best possible healed results.

Katie Tran

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Katie Tran is an alumni from the University of Massachusetts located in Boston.   She majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry with a concentration in Pre-Med (2008).  However, her passion for art in beauty has led her down a different path, which is now her career.

Katie started in the beauty industry at a very young age. Her skills in nail artworks were unparalleled which got her a good following.   She started in the beauty industry 20 years ago as a manicurist and has since slowly perfected her skills in other specializations within the industry. Katie attended Jupiter Beauty Academy in 2015 and is now a Master Aesthetician known for her make-up, lashes and brows sculpting. 

Finally, Katie has found her passion and niche in the professional world of Beauty.  She became a Permanent Make-Up and Microblading artist under the teachings of Miss Tiffiny Luong,  Gifted with her natural aesthetics, Katie has an eye for mapping out brows according to the natural contour of the face and aesthetic symmetry. Furthermore, with her Bio-Med background, you can rest assured that sanitation and sterilization is her top priority at Brow Envy. 

Xuan Doan

Xuan completed her permanent makeup certification at The International Beautician Association school of Semi-Permanent Make-Up and Microblading in January 2019.  She is also a License Master Aesthetician (2015) and License Nail Technician (2010). She attends the Nursing Program at Quinsigamond College of Worcester as a nursing student (graduating Dec 2020). In the past five years, she worked in different reputable salons known for their waxing and skin care practices in the Boston area such as Miniluxe of Boston, European Wax of Dedham and Lifetime Spa of Framingham. Xuan always had a compassion for beauty and her dream was to become an Aesthetic and Perioperative nurse, where she can incorporate her skills and fulfill her dreams.
Over the last five years Xuan provided clients with brows enhancement treatment such as eyebrow shaping, waxing and tinting. She shapes the eyebrows to match with the client's facial shape, enhances the color and fills in the missing spots by tinting their brows. The tinting treatment lasts up to one week and needs to be filled again.  An alternative for a long lasting treatment would ideally be microblading and permanent makeup which results in a more lasting natural eyebrows.
Xuan's passion is to make a difference in her clients' quality of life with improving clients' looks by enhancing clients' eyebrows, which will drastically improve their self-confidence. Finally, Xuan was able to fulfill her desire in Microblading and PMU at Brow Envy of Worcester. At Brow Envy, Xuan and the team were able to give client new eyebrows, especially for cancer survivor patients in a professional clean sterile environment.

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Tammy Phan

Tammy started in the beauty industry in 2003 as a License Manicurist. She mastered all forms of nail enhancements and expanded her interest into Aesthetics. In 2011 she graduated from Spa Tech Institute in Westborough, MA as an Esthetician. As a Master Esthetician she had performed many brow shaping and brow waxing for the past 10 years and this has led her interest into Cosmetic Tattoos. In 2021 she graduated from World of Beauty Academy, FL and became a licensed Cosmetic Tattoo Artist in Worcester MA. Much like her fellow artists at Brow Envy PMU, all are triple licensed have decades of knowledge, skills, and background in the beauty industry. 

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