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Located at 91 Stafford Street (also known as Crown Castle Plaza, next to Webster Square Plaza) in Worcester, Massachusetts. Brow Envy Microblading & Permanent Make Up studio specializes in Microblading, Ombre Shadings, and other Permanent Makeup services such as Eyeliner and Lips. All innovative semi-permanent makeup techniques that has been proven to be the next big thing...


Microblading and Ombre Shadings originated in Asia and finally become very popular in America. It is much more natural looking than tattoo, no more flat dark sharpie brows. With this newest trend and safe techniques you can rest assure and feel more confident getting your brows done.

We are a fully insured and licensed PMU studio. At Brow Envy, you can be at ease knowing that all tools are sterile and disposables. We used anesthetic before AND during each session to provide the most comfortable experience throughout the whole procedure. Our dedication is to provide our clients with the utmost  pleasant experience to enhance their natural beauty in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Our Commitments

Here at Brow Envy, every clients is treated with the utmost dedication and results. Our Master Permanent Make Up artist will draw and shape your brows to compliment your facial features. Working with passion, dedication and perfections, we have given hundreds of our clients their confident and self esteem back. Seeing clients becomes more  beautiful  and leaving with happy healed results  is our ultimate goal.

Brows treatment are perfectly suitable if you want to change or correct your current eyebrows shape, especially if you suffered from hair loss due to accident, trauma, alopecia or other medical condition.


Microbladed or Ombre Shadings brows will last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on your skin type and life style. Over time the ink will slowly fades, and we recommend that you come back for a touch up / refresher session. *The touch up/ refresher session price is for existing client only. 

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Brow Envy Microblading & PMU

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