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Ruyi Lucky Red Money Envelope/ Gift

Ruyi is the most traditional mascot in China, and it indicates that the person having it will be well and lucky.

Ruyi is the traditional auspicious thing of the Chinese nation. According to ancient historical records, Ruyi existed in the Eastern Han Dynasty in China. Later, people gave each other as gifts to express their best wishes. Ruyi head is in the shape of ganoderma or cloud, which means everything goes well and more good luck.

The traditional gift giving of gold and red lucky envelope is said to bring luck and fortune, which is commonly used in feng shui to promote prosperity and wealth.

Gift it or keep one for yourself, for your office, shop, car, or in your own wallet/ purses.

Come with Certificate of Precious Gold Metal

Thin gold foil over mold protected in acrylic case

Ship in USA only within 48 hrs with 📦 tracking number.

Ruyi 24K Gold Foil Lucky Red Money Envelope

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