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Each of these Dragons are uniquely 3d printed using special multicolor shiny silk PLA and many other colors.


Measurement: Large size is about 24 inches long.


Special Features: Fully articulate and move freely. Eyes are made of two 2mm CZ diamonds. Dragon head has build in magnets so it can be easily attach to any metal surface.


Available color options: Five Elements*, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Purple Silk, White, Yellow, Black, Pink, Blue, Babby Blue.

* Due to the uniqueness of Five Elements color shifting material, this Dragon's color pattern will be varies and may not be exactly as picture.

Please contact us with any special color combo request or questions on availability.

Oriental Dragon

Size: Large
  • Because these unique dragons are made to order, it might take up to 3 business days before your dragon will be ready to ship. We appreciate your patience!

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