High quality black rutilated quartz 7A (AAAAAAA Grade) . The clearer the stone, the thicker the rutile , the more rarer, the higher the properties it holds.


Available in

8mm-22 beads / 8 inches

10mm -19 beads /8 inches


Black Rutilated Quartz are made of Titanium Dioxide, a rare Genstone with black hair inclusions. This stone is believe for its power to awaken talents, pure minds and get rid of negative energy.


The meaning and properties of the Black Rutilated Quartz is to enhance your wisdom. Believed to bring business good luck, enhance concentration, clear minds and increase creativity. It also named the illuminate for the soul by giving better aura for the owner. Not only is it used everyday for feng shui but also for it unique beauty and fashion trend.

Black Rutilated Natural Stone Bracelet | High Quality Grade 7A (Most Clear) | 8-


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