Lucky Panda 24K Gold Leaf/Gold Foil w/ Lucky Envelope-(Sold in Sets of 3)

Lucky Panda 
24K Gold Plated/ 999 Gold Foil 

🎋Get ready for new year!!!🎋
🧧Makes perfect gift for everyone !!!🧧

✔️Comes with Lucky Money Envelope and Gold Foil Panda. 
✔️Great gift idea for New Year. 
✔️Cute and collectible collections

🧧The traditional gift giving of gold and lucky envelope is said to bring luck and fortune. 

On the Panda it is written “good fortune as one wishes and everything will goes well”

🐼The Chinese refer to Pandas as if they are like warriors because of the qualities they possess. They symbolize strength, peace and friendship. The panda’s black and white color is seen as the physical representation of Yin and Yang, balancing between these two colors brings harmony and peace🐼 cm

Lucky Panda 24K Gold Foil w/ Lucky Envelope-


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