The Chinese Herbal protective talisman amulet/ omamori is the perfect gift for anyone or just for yourself. Wearing the zodiac element will help brings better luck and fortune to the wearer.


The Monkey Lucky amulet is blessed for good luck, good fortune and to get rid of bad luck.



-Sachet Blessed by an eminent monk

-24K Zodiac Animal Gold Foil approximately 0.1-0.2g of Au999

-Chinese Herbal

-Medicine pouch

-Gift Bag

-Gift Box-Chinese Booklet


*Chinese Herbal Medicine- the scent maybe strong as first as it comes out of the box. Once it is in open air the scent will phase out.

Monkey Omamori/ Amulet- 24K Au999 Gold Foil- w/ Chinese Herbal Medicine


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